Minutes 2003
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Club Minutes 2003
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12/17/02 Board of Directors

01/10/03 General Membership

02/04/03 Board of Directors

03/14/03 General Membership

04/01/03 Board of Directors

04/11/03 General Membership

5/10/03 General Membership

6/3/03 Board of Directors

6/13/03 General Membership

7/11/03 General Membership

8/5/03 Board of Directors

8/8/03 General Membership

9/12/03 General Membership

10/7/03 Board of Directors

10/10/03 General Membership

11/14/03 General Membership

Beth Butcher
Secretary 2003

Board of Directors meeting December 17, 2002

Minutes regarding the Election of New Officers

At the meeting of October 12, 2002, the ballot for the 2003 officers were announced.  It was agreed that the election ballots would be returned with the renewal/new membership dues for both the Indian River Corvette Club as well as the dues for the National Counsel of Corvette Clubs. 

Announcement of Officers was done at the Club Christmas party held on December 7, 2002.  The officers are as follows:

  • President: John Muldoon 
  • Vice President: Paul Toth 
  • Secretary: Beth Butcher 
  • Treasurer: Amy Harp 
  • Activities Directors: Terry & Sue Smith
  • Officer at Large: Tony Taylor 
  • NCCC Governor: Greg Butcher 
  • NCCC Competition Director: Harry Butler

A Board Meeting was held on 12/17/2002 at Canonís at the Airport.  The following additional Board officers were appointed

  • Director of Membership: Crystal Hafford
  • Web Master: Tom Quina
  • Newsletter Editor Dick Kesler
  • Historian Lucy Kesler

Other items discussed at the board meeting

At the first meeting of the year, we do want to update the E-mail/cell phone/address list.

New membership packets, would be transferred to Crystal.  It was also discussed if new business cards should be printed with Crystalís phone number.  The current cards have Roe phone number.

It was also brought up that we need to give the new membership packets, a better explanation of point system.

Participation in parades, it was brought up that it is difficult to recognize that our group of cars is actually the Indian River Corvette Club.  It was suggest that we could get a banner made to fit on one of the convertibles and that convertible lead and or bring up the tail end.

It was also suggested to check into the "cling on" windshield signs, depending on costs.

Web page updates were also discussed.  Tom had many great ideas to update the web page, including colander of events for our club, surrounding clubs, applications, officer information, photos, Minutes, etc

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General Membership meeting of January 10, 2003 Minutes

Introduction of new officers were announced as follows:

  • President: John Muldoon 
  • Vice President: Paul Toth 
  • Secretary: Beth Butcher 
  • Treasurer: Amy Harp 
  • Activities Directors: Terry & Sue Smith 
  • Officer at Large: Tony Taylor 
  • NCCC Governor: Greg Butcher 
  • Director of Membership: Crystal Hafford
  • Web Master: Tom Quina
  • Newsletter Editor Dick Kesler
  • Historian Lucy Kesler

Upcoming events were announced:

January 12, 2003, lunch at fins.  Meet at Riverview Park in Sebastian between 12:00 and 1:00 and then caravan to fins around 1:00 

January 19, 2003.  American Diabetes Super Cruise.  This is open for all cars, multi club event. Would like to be to be there at 11:45, leave at 10:45. 

January 28, 2003.  Mystery Dinner Ride.  Meet at Indian River National bank on Route 60 between US 1 and the railroad tracks at 6:00.  Leave at 6:30.

February 14, 2003, meeting cancel in exchange for event of February 15, 2003, may have short meeting during the February 15, 2003 event

February 15, 2003, Murder mystery progressive dinner.  Meet at the Moble station on Old Dixie and 4th St. at 5:00.  Five stops, a dinner course at each stop. $10.00 per person, pay when you get there.  Please call Terry and Sue to cancel, or for those that were not at the meeting to attend.  If possible, please bring a folding chair.

  • First stop at Nancy and Dales
  • Second stop to Denver And Sharon
  • Third stop Bobby and Amyís
  • Fourth, Dick and Lucyís
  • After dinner at Rob and Cathyís

February 25, 2003, Mystery Dinner Ride, host Bill and Marlene

March 29, 2003, Car show, Riverside Park, under the oaks. 

March 29, 2003, group to see the Lettermanís at Riverside. $37.00 per person.  May get a discount if we get enough people.  Please call Lucy Kesler if interested.  Shows have previously been sold out 

Club event of going to the Richard Petty experience in Orlando was discussed, that or going to Daytona.

It was agreed to go ahead and book the Christmas party now for December 6, 2003.  Mark your calendars.

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Minutes of the Board Meeting of 2/03

Membership packets need to include all of in NCCC info.

It was requested that everyone need to RSVP for the mystery theater

 dinner. In fact, we discussed a need to RSVP for all events, which requires preparation for a certain number of people.  We seem to have a trend of many people stating that they will participate in events and then many of them do not actually attend.  We all understand that there are emergencies and unexpected events that come up that keep some of us from attending.  But this creates a lot of extra work for the people doing the preparation for the event.  It was suggested to have a pre-payment for events, such as the mystery theater dinner, that require purchasing and preparation of food.

Need to get an updated list of paid up IRCC and NCCC members.  We also need a current list of memberís addresses, phone number, cell phone numbers and E-mail addresses. (pass around a legal pad for everyone to list address, phone/cell number, & e-mail address)  Not only has the area code changed, which we all know, but there are a lot of cell phone and internet companies out their competing for everyoneís business and we have a tendency to forget to relay our new addresses/numbers.

As to prior members not paid this year, it was suggested that the person who signed that member up, give them a personal call to touch base with them

Business cards, we do need new business cards and it was suggested to leave the phone number blank so that the person leaving the card could simply write their phone number in.  Tom is going to get those for us.

The bi-laws, they were originally typed in October 1999, then in the spring of 2001 there were many hand written changes, but were never retyped.  I will make sure they do get retyped in the very near future and a copy will be provide to all the officers and possible put on the web page.  Of course if any one is interested in reading them, just let me know

Need for additional access to the P.O. Box.  It was motioned by Sue and seconded by Lucy to have 2 additional P.O. box keys made, one for the president and one for the vice president.

The Points System:  Lots of discussion about the point system.  Everything from how do you earn points, keeping the point list on the web, the value of points for attending an event that is 75 miles away is less than attending events close to home, what is really a club function vs. a corvette event, who gets the points for signing people up, it is the person who invites them to a meeting/function, or the person that happens to accept the check.  After a very long discussion, it was motioned to suspend the point system, the motion was seconded and approved 7-1 to, suspend the point system, at least temporarily.

However, after some of the feed back from the entire membership, it obvious that not everyone is in agreement with this and perhaps should be voted on by the entire club.

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Minutes for the meeting of 3/14/03

John opened the Meeting.  Thanked all of the hosts and participants of the progressive mystery dinner.

Beth read the minutes of the board meeting 2/03.  There was no official club meeting in February.

Point system, It was motioned, seconded and approved to scrap the point system.

There was an announcement of the St. Patrick s day parade to be held on 3/15/03, any one wanting to participate needed to be there (on the beach) at 9:00 a.m. at Flame.

Amy gave the treasury report.

John also thanked all the hard work that has been done by Tom on the Webb site and Dick and Lucy as the historians.

Harry gave the NCCC competition announcements as follows.  

There was a competition in Titusville the preceding week.

The following weekend (3/22/03) a low speed autocross in Gainesville, a training course to start at 8:00 a.m. for a fee of $40.00

3/29/03, Florida Keys Corvette was to have a low speed auto cross.

In May the Ferrari club in Homestead is having a hi speed autocross, need to look at the web site for details.

Tom passed around updates for the phone directory to update the club directory.

Club events. March 28, 2003, Friday fests, sponsored by the downtown Business Association.  All participants needed to be there by 4:30.

March 29, 2003, Under the Oaks car show.  Many people had tickets to see the Letterman afterwards.   Due to this fact, it was decided not to have the hobo stew.

Dan and Roe Hosted the mystery dinner ride for the month of March.  Everyone to meet at the Mobil at old Dixie and 4th.

Roger Dean would like to co-sponsor the Club, perhaps have a car show on the lot, and give 10% discount on parts and service.

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Minutes of the board meeting of 4/1/03

John opened the meeting with the announcement that due to personal reason, Tony Taylor had resigned from the club.  Since Tony was Officer at large, his position would need to be replaced.

Article VI. Section F. of the Club By-Laws define the Officer at Large as follows:

The Officer at Large will serve as a member of the board of directors and will assist other officers as necessary in carrying on the club business.  The Officer at Large shall be further designated Publicity Chairman.

Section H states, If, for any reason an officer resigns, or leave office, a member will be proposed by the board of directors and presented to the general membership at the next regular meeting for approval. He/she will serve out the office for the remainder of the year.

There were several suggestions for possible replacements. 

Amy has suggested Cathy Callaway, who has a degree in Journalism, and has the time.

John has recommended Denver and Bill Ulisky.

It was also suggested to post the position on the Web page.

We all agreed that would want to check with each of the possible candidates to confirm that they were willing and had the time to invest in the office.

John appointed Denver as the office at large, pro temp until the next election.

John has also indicated that he was going to call the old members that had not renewed, to touch base with them to see if there was any interest in rejoining.

Alternative Insurance again was brought up, Dick is checking into the possibilities of alternative insurance.

John has suggested that it would be up the Terry and Sue to determine what would be a club activity and the number of activities.  3 per month seemed to be a good number, the formal meeting, the mystery dinner ride and then some other activity.

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Minutes of the general meeting of 4/11/03

It was announced that Tony had resigned as Officer at Large

There was no treasure s report given, as Amy was out of town

The minutes were not read at the meeting to give additional time in the meeting for discussion of alternative insurance and replacement of Officer at Large.

Activities report 

      4/29/03-Paul to host the Mystery Dinner ride.

      5/3/03   Ecklerís spring 2003, members to meet at Cracker-barrel at 9:00

      5/10/03, Stuart car show in down town Ft. Piece. Letís all show up to support our neighboring club

      5/22/03, mystery dinner ride instead of 5/27/03.  Crystal is the host, will be at the chef catering, on route 60, costs of $20.00 per person.

      5/31/03, Saturday, Special event at the new North County Pool. 5:30-9:00
JUST FOR US.  Club to supply Hot dogs and hamburgers, everyone to bring a side dish. Costs is $5.00 per member, $10.00 per Couple, friends and family welcome for free, the more the merrier!   Bring your own drinks, no alcohol.

Terry Smith, activities director, gave also additional insight on the NCCC Insurance, which is what we have now.

All Club events are covered and although Terry is still working on defining specifically what is a club event, but we may need to have waivers signed on some events.  In addition, notification is required is we want higher limits.

But anything advertised to the general membership is considered a club event

Harry read the notes of the governors meeting for NCCC.  Announced that Club dues of $60.00 are due by June. 

You can be a lifetime membership; lifetime dues are $300.00.  

On 4/26-/27, low speed events in SC, which Harry was going to

5/10/03, North Florida Club to have a rally with 4 classes of events.

 5/17, concourse in Port Canaveral

      Election for replacement of officer at large.

Beth read the bi-law requirements for replacement of officers.  Which is Section H states, If, for any reason an officer resigns, or leave office, a member will be proposed by the board of directors and presented to the general membership at the next regular meeting for approval.  He/She will serve out the office for the remainder of the year.

Those suggested at the board meeting of 4/1/03 were

Cathy Callaway, Denver, Bill Ulisky and Carl Stien.

Carl Declined at the meeting of 4/11/03.

      As to the Vote, Lucy motioned for a written vote that was seconded by Sue. By a large majority of the vote, Denver was elected as the new Officer at Large

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Minutes of the General meeting May 10, 2003

Paul Opened the Meeting.

Thanked Denver for the dinner ride.  Read the Birthday list.

Guest for the meeting was Liz Taylor

Amy read the Treasure report.

Beth read the minutes.


 5/11/03,  the Ft. Pierce car show at the Ft. Pierce City marina, sponsored by the Stuart Club.

May 22, 2003,  The UN-mystery  mystery diner ride.   Host was Crystal.   To be held at the Helmet House Pro Chef Catering.  $20.00 per person.  Pay at the door.

Rob announced the Pool Party that was to be held on  May 31, 2003.  Encouraged all members to all family and friends, the more the merry.   In addition to being a great club activity, it is to help bring recognition to the new North County Water Park.    The Club to provide hot dogs and hamburgers.  Members to bring a side.  Cost to Members only $5.00 each.  All guest for free.   Activities to include volleyball, balloon toss, etc.  Would like to make this a yearly event if possible.

Meeting in June to be held June 13, 2003.

Caravan to leave June 24, 2003.

Beth and Greg volunteered to host the Mystery dinner ride on June   24, 2003, for those members not participating in the caravan.

New members announced were Richard and Sandra Coffee. 

Meeting adjourned. 

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Minutes for the Board Meeting of  June 3, 2003

In attendance were:

Terry  & Sue Smith
Paul Toth
Dick and Lucy
Beth & Greg
Hollyann and Tom
Beth and Greg
Cathie Callery

 Paul opened the meeting

Denver provided a detailed agenda  with amended bi-laws from prior recommended changes.  The By-laws were originally established on 10/31/99

Proposed changes  were originally made in 2001.

An in depth review and discussion was done on all of the changes.   Before adopting the proposed changes, it was agreed to be reviewed at the next general meeting.

Denver also provided a proposed flow chart for the application of new membership process

Motion for adjourn was done by Denver, Seconded by Paul.

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Minutes for the general meeting of June 13, 2003

The Meeting was opened by John Muldoon, President and then turned over to the vice president Paul Toth

Amy Harp read the treasure's report

Terry read the Activities report

June 17, 2003, Tuesday, Those participating in the caravan to meet in the Mexican restaurant in the Miracle Mile Plaza at 6:30 to go over details. For the caravan leaving on June 24, 2003

June 24, 2003, Mystery Dinner ride leaving the Mobil Station on 4th and Old  Dixie for those not driving in the caravan .

July 4, 2003, Parade in Sebastian, need to have early morning arrival.

July 17, 2003, Ecklers to have a Cruise, see Internet for details.

Also discuss the possible participation in the Labor Day parade. Terry and Sue will get details prior to the next meeting.

Motion was made and accepted to correct the date error in the minute of the board meeting of  June 2003, which were brought up by Tom  Quina.

Tom  Quina passed out copies of the proposed changes to the  By-Laws that were made discussed at the board meeting of  6/2003.

Dan wanted to remind everyone that out Club motto is to "be the Friendliest Corvette Club in the State of Florida"

Paul read the Birthday list

Ticket of the 50/50 drawing were passed out courtesy of Bill

Meeting was adjourned
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Minutes for the General meeting of July 11, 2003

 John Opened the meeting and then turned it over to Paul.

Paul read the Birthday list

Amy read the treasures report  balance of $2,029.62.  We owe the club NCCC  dues.  $60.00

Rob talked about the events of the caravan

Sue talked about the 4th of July parade.

Old Business, changes of the by-laws.   Paul requested volunteers to form a committee to make the proposals of the changes of the bi-laws.    The following volunteered

New Business
Roe announced the 5th Annual Light the Night Walk to be held  Sept 20, 2003. At the riverside park.   Looking for volunteers, car participation, and donation.  See Roe for details.  Tom will put it on the web site.

Sue gave the activities report. 

The Mystery dinner ride scheduled for 7/29/03 was canceled.  In place of the mystery dinner ride,  a dinner boat ride from the Hurricane Harbor  on July 26, 2003.  The costs was to be $28.95 + tax,   we would be given a discount if we had 20 or more sing up. 

Rob made a motion to make it $30.00 per person, seconded by Greg and was approved by the general membership.  Need to make checks payable to Indian River Corvette Club, requested payment by 7/19 to Amy.  We would meet at the Mobil gas station on 4th and old Dixie at 4:45. ( moved up to 4:30)  then caravan to Hurricane Harbor.  Those that live in the Sebastian  area would meet us there.

John volunteered to host the August Mystery dinner ride to be held August 26, 2003.

Ruth drew for the 50/50 drawing

Meeting was adjourned by Paul

Desert ride to Bob Evans

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Minutes for the Board of Directors meeting of 8/5/03

John called the meeting to orders

Members in attendance were

John Maldoon
Bobby and Amy Harp
Dick and Lucy  Kesler
Sue and Terry  Smith
Beth and Greg Butcher
Denver Sperry

Old Business

Alternative insurance from what we receive through N.C.C.C.

 There were 3 proposals brought to the meeting with the similar coverage  in an alternative to NCCC, which is $30.00 per member per year which is $1,000,000.00 per occurrence

    1.         J.C. Taylor Inc. through Zurich, premium per year is $505.00
    2.        Spectrum  through Hartford Fire Insurance, premium $286.28, this also has a                     $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate on the policy
    3.        Sid Banack Insurance Agency, premium of $116.00 per year based on 55 members.

Beth made the motion to accept the bid of  Sid Banack and bring before the general membership for approval.   Motion was seconded by Denver.   Approval  by the Board was unanimous.

It was announced that the  committee to update the BI-laws would meet in Thursday August 8, 2003.  Sue volunteered to host committee, meeting to start at 7:00 p.m.  The only members of that committee not in attendance of the Board meeting were Rob and Sherry.  Sue volunteered to phone them and advise of the meeting.

In an effort to give the club a more personal touch,  John indicated that it would be nice to give a phone call to members prior to meetings and events, especially for those who do not have  a computer to receive e-mails or are just not computer friendly.   John offered to call each member.  Amy suggested in an effort to alleviate the volume of the job to divide the list in half and have a 3rd person as a back up person.  Sue volunteered that if she was provided with a complete phone list, she would get a committee together.

New Memberships were addressed.,  a potential new member brought it to Amyís attention that there is a breakdown in communications in how we process the new memberships.   So it was agreed to process new membership applications as follows

1.        John picks up the mail at the post office and provides Amy with the check and application.
2.         Amy deposits the check
3.        then sends the original application to Crystal via mail
4.        and faxes the application information to Tom to update the data base and assign a membership number.
5.        email to all of the officers.

For all of Tomís hard work on the web page and data base, Sue made a motion to buy to Tom and Hollyannís dinner at the next general meeting.   Motion seconded by Beth.

John mentioned a Club event of going to a Dodger game and indicated he could get free tickets for all.   Either 8/27 or 8/28/03  Sue suggested to schedule for 8/27/03 and then we could have a back up of 8/28/03 in case of rain.  Game starts at 7:00 p.m.  John will be there early to pass out the tickets.  Will all park together. Yellow shirts

Denver made a motion to look at the possibility of  a different place to gather for our mystery rides as it can be difficult to get everyone out in one shot from the Mobil station.    One suggestion was Riverside Park.   John agreed to keep a look out for possible places .

John also suggested that at the end of the regular meeting to make an announcement that the desert run would start in 15 minutes, so that we could all have time to in line for a the caravan.

Terry brought up participation in the Labor Day parade in Vero Beach on Monday September  1, 2003.  John offered to take on the responsibility of  if we were to attend, who would want to attend.

Meeting adjourned

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Minutes for the General meeting of  8/8/03

 John opened the meeting

Thanked Bill and Marlin for the boat ride, even making special arrangements for a vegetarian meal

 Then read the birthday list

 Amy gave the Treasurers report, with the new member of Perry Lane, balance is $643.12

 Amy then gave a presentation of alternative insurance from what is currently being received through NCCC. (Currently to qualify for the NCCC insurance we need our members to also join NCCC ($30.00 per person per year + $60.00 for club dues.)

 Alternative insurance information was passed out to all members present.     These were the same insurance quotes that were discussed at the board of Directors meeting.  $1,000,000.00 (one million) per party, picnics, car show, etc.

Dan made a motion to accept the bid of Sid Banack Insurance Agency of $116.00 per year based on 55 active members. Motion was seconded, and approved by all.  Harry indicated that it was a ďno brainer"

Sue, who was the Chairman of the BI-laws committee of Five, gave an update on the committee meeting.  New updated BI-laws will be passed out at the September meeting and will be voted on at the October meeting.    Final approval to be done at the November meeting.

Terry gave the Activities report, also announced at the next meeting that he will have the events for the rest of the year, everyone bring their calendars.

Amy announced the Green acre Farmer and Flea Market/car show to be held at the MESA Park in Fellsmere on the second Saturday of the month.   Free registration

The Brevard County Poker run to take place on Saturday September 13. Vero Club to leave the Mobil Station on Rout 60 & 90th Ave at 8:00 a.m. so we can arrive there at 9:00.  See WWW.CAPEKENNEDYCORVETTECLUB.COM  for more info.  Also suggested making hotel reservations early.

John to hosts the mystery dinner ride, 8/26/03.

Also on 8/27/03, a chance to see the Dodgers thanks to John, who received gait passes and designated parking.   Will request that Tom add to the WEB site.

September 20, 2003, autocoress at St. Augustine.  This is is a one day event, 6 autocrosses, Registration 8:00-9;00, can register the same day for $45.00, prior registration is $35.00.  A lot of fun, but if you attend that, you will not be able to participate in the Light the Night Walk

Light the Night Walk, also on September 20, 2003,   Sign up sheet was passed around.  This is for the benefits of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Please see Ro for details.

September 21,2003, Brunch with the Space Coast Corvette Club at the Patio restaurant at 10:45.  We will need a firm count at the next meeting.

October 11 and 12, Octobervetts in Old Town, Huge corvette show.  

October 18, 2003, Ecklers 24th Annual Reunion.  Corvette show, swap meet and more. 

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Minutes of the September 12, 2003 meeting

John Opened the Meeting

 Announced 4 new members, Paul & Gail, Carl and Cathy

John read the birthday list

Amy read the treasurers report, corrected the balance from the August which should read $2,08.12 rather than $643.12

Balance for September was $1,914.70 prior to the $100.00 donation for Light the Nigh Walk and $103.01 for copy expenses for the by-laws, giving a final balance of 41,740.69.

Terry read the activities list and Sue passed out activity planners for the rest of the year.

Terry announced that the 11/15/03 date, we had previously planned for the car show had opened back up.  Wanted to know if there was any interest in attempting to make a go of it.  It was decided it was too late to attempt to plan a successful show.  Will look at dates in the spring.

9/13/03 Charity Poker, 5 cars pre-registered, but would make allowance for same day registration

Meet at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast at 7:00

Leave the Mobil station at 8:00

9/20/03 Light the Night Walk at the Riverside Park in Vero

9/20/03 Auto Cross, St. Augustine

9/21/03 Brunch at the Patio with the Space Coast Club, Meet 10:30

10/10/03 & 10/11/03, October Vettes in Old Town, Huge Corvette show.

10/28/03 Mystery Dinner ride.

11/1/03 Grand am Rolex at Daytona, with Pit passes and Parade Laps $25.00-$35.00

11/8/03 Corvettes in paradise.   Denver suggest Holiday Isle, he would check into it and send information via e-mail.

Election of officers for the 2004 year.  Needed 1 board member and 2 of the General membership.   Volunteers were Denver, Bobby Harp and Greg Butcher

The new proposed by-laws were passed out.   Will go over at the next general meeting.  Any recommended changes should be e-mailed to Beth or Terry.

Betty suggested that in the future to have the members speak up and tell something about themselves.

GUEST SPEAKER, we had the privilege of a questions and answer session with

Carl Hanson of Ask Auto Inc. Corvette Services.  Gave tips on general maintenance and problems with all models of Corvettes

No 50/50 drawing this month, not tickets

Dale volunteered for the desert run to Too Jays

Meeting was adjourned.

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Indian River Corvette Club
Board Meeting
October 7, 2003

Board Members in Attendance:


John Muldoon

Bobby Harp

Paul Toth

David Brower

Amy Harp

Sherri Brower

Terry Smith

Hollyann Quina

Sue Smith

Rob Callery

Dick Kesler

Cathie Callery

Lucy Kesler


Tom Quina


Denver Sperry


Crystal Hofford


John Muldoon, President, called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M. at C.J. Cannons Restaurant.

 In the absence of Secretary Beth Butcher, Lucy Kesler was asked to write the minutes of the meeting.

 John reported that he previously had accepted a member's resignation from the Club when it became public that the member was a convicted felon.  At this time, John said he would like to welcome this member back into the Club if there were no objections.  Discussion followed with reservations and concerns being voiced by some members.  A motion was made by Sue Smith and seconded by Paul Toth to bring the matter to a vote of the General Membership.  A letter (written by Sue Smith and approved by the Board) will be read to the General Membership and may result in a General Membership vote by secret ballot.

 Denver Sperry gave a report on the Nominations Committee.  Other members on the committee are Bobby Harp and Greg Butcher (absent).  Several nominations have been submitted.  The Committee is still accepting nominations.

Terry and Sue Smith reported on the month's activities as follows:

 October 10 (Friday) General Membership Meeting

October 10 & 11 (Friday & Saturday) Octobervettes at Old Town, Kissimmee

October 18 (Saturday) Ecklers Annual Reunion

October 28 (Tuesday) Mystery Dinner Run

Sales slip pads will be furnished by Amy and Bobby Harp to hosts of the Mystery Dinner Run in case the restaurant chosen does not write individual checks.  Each person/couple will write his/her own check to keep track of the cost of the dinner.

 The 50/50 ticket sales at the October 20 General Membership meeting will be handled by Bill Ulisky per Amy Harp.

 A By-laws Committee report was given by Rob Callery.  He wanted to remind members at the October 10th General Membership meeting to give their suggested corrections on the Constitution and By-laws to the Committee for compilation.  The Constitution and Bylaws, with corrections, will be voted on at the November General Membership meeting.

David Brower suggested that Article XII (pertaining to monies being passed over to new Board of Directors) be deleted.  The Bylaws Committee accepted this suggestion.

 A motion was made by Lucy Kesler and seconded by Tom Quina to conclude the meeting at 9:00 P.M.

                                                                                                  Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Kesler
            (for Beth Butcher, Secretary)

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Minutes for the General Meeting of October 10, 2003.

John opened the meeting

Announced the new members of

Gary and William Meryl
Claudia & Harry Woodhouse
Frank and Linda Espisito
Paul Kovack and Gail Flores

Paul read the birthday list for October

 Amy was not present so no treasurerís report was given.

Sue gave the Bi-Laws report.  Anyone needing copies can see Sue.  Any changes can be dropped off with Sue; she is available during the day at the Tax Collectorís office.

Denver of Nominations committee for new officers, thanked all of those who volunteered for the election of new officers.  Also requested that any one interested please step up to the plate for nominations.  No one is under qualified.  Would like to have a few choices for each office.


Rob Callery
Frank Esposito

Bill Ulisky
Paul Toth

Sandy Erickson 
Crystal Hofford

Amy Harp
David Brower
Linda Esposito

John Dicken
Greg Butcher
Harry Butler

Sue and Terry Smith

 Activities report provided by Terry Smith

October 11, 2003.  Old towne.  Some members had already left, some to leave on 10/11/03, and those wanting to carrivan, meet at Mobil at I-95 at 10:30.

October 18, 2003, Ecklerís Reunion.  Those wanting to carrivan can also meet at the Mobil station around 10:30 see Sue for details

October 28, 2003, Mystery dinner ride.  Terry hosting this less expensive ride, average costs about $10.00.  to meet at the Mobil station on 4th & Old Dixie.

November 1, 2003.  Car show/ Bay Corvettes. Games People Play.  If interested will make arrangements to attend.

New Years Eve Suggestions, possible function.  

Palm Beach Princess offers a New Years Eve Party.  7:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.    Black Tie.   $100.00 per person.  Could take a bus for an additional $25.00 per person

 Christmas party.  Roe announced that a band was hired, room was booked.  Too early for a menu.  Those who would like to hear the band in advance can do so at Captain Hiram's on any Tuesday.

February 28, 2004.  Mark you calendars for the Under the Oak Corvette and Antique car show.

50/50 Drawing.  Wilma Drew winner of Paul Kovac.  There was $110.00 in the pot, Paul won $55.00.

Meeting adjourned

November 14, 2003

John Muldoon, President, opened the meeting

The minutes and Treasurer's report of the previous meeting on October 10, 2003, were approved.

The amendments and revisions to the By-Laws, originally adopted in October, 1999, were unanimously approved by the membership.

Officers elected for 2004 are as follows:

Rob Callery - President
Bill Ulisky - Vice President
Sandy Ericsson - Secretary
Amy Harp - Treasurer
John Dicken - Officer-At-Large
Terry and Sue Smith - Activities Directors

Terry and Sue reminded the group of the upcoming Christmas Party, Vero's Christmas Parade, and the "Toys for Tots" Stuart-sponsored car show, all on Saturday, December 6. They also noted that "Corvettes Up the Creek in Melbourne is on November 22 and the "Turkey Rod Run" show in Daytona is November 27 - 30.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lucy Kesler
Acting Secretary

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