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Welcome Rambling Readers

Spring is around the corner and there are lots of new Corvettes running around.  Pick up some cards at our events and invite people to try us out.

Tell people to check out our web site, which is totally awesome.

There are lots of fun things to do with our club, so get involved a little or a lot. 

Remember, every passing day is one that is gone forever.  Make sure it is one in which you have done something for others, especially those who cannot do for themselves.

The Sunshine Committee which will send cards to our members for “Get Well”, “Deepest Sympathy”, “Congratulations”, “Happy Birthday’ and “What were you thinking!”.   Any news worthy of a card please let Nan Dunne or myself know. (Click on the link to email us)

Any questions, concerns or if you need the latest Club Phone List call or email me and as always Thanks to Tom for helping me Ramble.

Membership Chairperson



Last Modified: Sunday, March 15, 2015