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Abilities Resource Center board member Claudia Woodhouse was one of 9 individuals Gov. Jeb Bush appointed to the Florida Statewide Advocacy Council. Woodhouse represents Area 11, which includes Indian River, St. Lucie, Ockeechobee, and Martin Counties.

The Statewide Advocacy (SAC) and Local Advocacy Council (LAC) are composed of volunteers appointed by the Governor to protect the rights and advocate for better quality of life for the citizens of Florida who have unique needs.

Claudia Woodhouse Appointed to Statewide Advocacy Council
Claudia Woodhouse Appointed to Statewide Advocacy Council

To serve this purpose, the SAC and LAC are empowered to carry out several tasks on behalf of individuals in programs or facilities regulated or licensed by DCF, APD, AAHCA, and DOEA.

Anyone interested in more information can contact Claudia at (772) 489-2340

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