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1999 Log of Events

  • JULY 16, 1999 Gathering of Corvette owners contacted by Terry Smith interested in forming a  Corvette club.  Meeting place was the Service Merchandise parking lot.

  • AUG 31,1999 Second gathering of interested Corvette owners.  Club was informally organized and officers elected. Tom White President -Terry Smith Vice-pres -Sandy Ericsson secretary- Denver Sperry Treasurer. Place Pineapple Joes on Route 1

  • OCT 26,1999 Third gathering of the group at Smiths house Several decisions were made including the name of the club, dues amount and place to meet

  • NOV 19, 1999 First official meeting of the Indian River Corvette Club at Ophelia.  Meeting time and place are discussed -club bylaws in the works.

  • DEC 01, 1999       *25 Charter Members in the new Indian River Corvette Club*

  • DEC 04,1999   6 decorated  IRCC cars participate in the Vero Beach Christmas parade. The club even has its own Nativity scene float

  • DEC 12,1999    Cruise to Sweetwaters restaurant for lunch -about 12 cars


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