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The Fifth Year - 2004


Indian River Corvette Club officers for 2004:

  President -Rob Callery
  Vice President - Bill Ulisky
  Secretary - Sandy Ericsson
  Treasurer - Amy Harp
  Activities Directors - Terry & Sue Smith
  Officer-At-Large - John Dicken

Appointed positions:
  Webmaster - Tom Quina
  Newsletter Editor - Richard Kesler
  Membership Chairman - Ro Bryant
  Historian - Lucy Kesler

Paradise Petroleum, owned by Dan and Ro Bryant, continued to sponsor the Club and showed generous support and planning of the Christmas Party as well as making other donations and contributions  throughout the year.

The Club continued the Mystery Dinner Runs on the last Tuesday of each month and the General Membership meetings on the second Friday at Bombadier's.  Board meetings were scheduled every other month at C.J. Cannons Restaurant.  Activities Directors, Terry and Sue Smith planned and guided a variety of fun activities throughout the year.

Hosts of Mystery Dinner Runs in 2004 were:  Karl and Bonnie Steene (2), Tom and Hollyann Quina, Terry and Sue Smith, Dan and Ro Bryant, Cliff and Terri Crawford, Richard and Lucy Kesler, Ron and Mary Derby, Bill and Marlene Ulisky, and Rob and Cathie Callery.

Some of the activities the Club enjoyed were Vero's St. Patrick's Day and Christmas parades and the 4th of July parade in Sebastian..  Thirteen Corvettes gathered for the first Club photo at the foot of the Barber Bridge near Riverside Restaurant in April.  Members enjoyed the Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne,  ribbon cutting and Grand Opening of Vero's Service Chevrolet, and another delicious "Hobo Stew" cookout following the "Under the Oaks" car show.  The "Last Trolley Ride", square dancing, and a trip to Gweeds Gansters' gathering in Jensen Beach were also well attended.

In April,  the Indian River Corvette Club was saddened to learn of the death of Duane Wolfe, member #47, who had lung cancer.  A frequent visitor to Vero Beach, Duane loved to drive his red C-5 Convertible and to fish, earning the nickname "Shark Man" because he caught so many sharks while fishing on Humiston Beach. 

Indian River Corvette Club has a list of outstanding members.  Among those are Tom White, past president of the Club and current Mayor of Vero Beach and Rob Callery, current Club president, recognized in the April issue of "Florida Monthly" as one of the top 294 dentists in Florida.  Betty Skelton-Frankman was featured speaker and "Hero for the Day" at the Wings and Wheels event at Ft. Pierce airport.  Betty, the first and only woman in the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame, established a highly respected reputation in the aviation and the automotive industries.

The Club is proud of Harry Butler who raced his modified 1996 Corvette at Sebring, Moroso, in Nevada, and in Texas winning three of six events in "open road" racing..

Donations of $100 to a child with leukemia in Okeechobee and $300 to Citrus School's sound system were made by the Club.

At the annual Christmas Party,  Rob and Cathie Callery, Tom and Hollyann Quina, and Dick and Lucy Kesler were recognized for participating in the most Corvette events for the year.  Rob was surprised and ecstatic to receive his helmet newly painted to match his race-bred 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06.

In spite of the unprecedented occurrences of  two devastating hurricanes in Indian River County on September 5 and 25, Indian River Corvette Club had a successful year due to the dedicated leadership of its officers and directors and the participation of its 56 memberships.

The Indian River Corvette Club Officers elected for 2005 are:

  President - Rob Callery
  Vice President - Bill Ulisky
  Secretary - Betty Brousseau
  Treasurer - Ro Bryant
  Officer-At-Large - Harry Butler
  Activities Directors - Sue Smith and Hollyann Quina

Compiled by Lucy Kesler, Historian
January, 2005

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