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The Fourth Year - 2003


Indian River Corvette Club officers for 2003:

John Muldoon - President

Paul Toth - Vice President

Beth Butcher - Secretary

Amy Harp - Treasurer

Terry & Sue Smith - Activities Directors

Denver Sperry - Officer-at-Large

Other appointed positions:

Richard Kesler - Newsletter Editor

Lucy Kesler - Club Historian

Tom Quina - Webmaster

Crystal Hoffard - Director of Membership

Greg Butcher - NCCC

In 2003, the I.R. Corvette Club continued the Mystery Dinner Runs on the last Tuesday of each month and the General Membership meetings on the second Friday.  Board meetings were scheduled every other month.

Hosts of Mystery Dinner Runs in 2003 were Karl & Bonnie Steene, Bill & Marlene Ulisky, Dan & Ro Bryant, Paul Toth, Crystal Hofford, Greg & Beth Butcher, Terry & Sue Smith, John Muldoon, and Bobby & Amy Harp.

Everyone loves a parade, especially when Corvettes participate.  I.R. Corvettes were proudly driven in Vero’s St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas Parades and the 4th of July Parade in Sebastian.

One of the most popular events of the year, organized in February  by Activities Directors, Terry & Sue Smith, was “Burritos and Banditos.  This event showed off the club’s culinary talents and acting abilities as well.

At the February Board Meeting, it was decided to suspend the “point system” previously developed to provide a basis for recognition to members at the end of the year.  The system involved intricate bookkeeping and recording of members’ participation in activities in local club, state and national events.

Due to the resignation of Tony Taylor, Officer-At-Large, Denver Sperry was voted to fill this position for the remainder of the year at the April General Membership meeting.

In August, the membership voted to change the Club’s insurance from that offered by the National Council of Corvete Clubs to Sid Bannack Insurance in Vero.  With this change, the Club obtained a lower premium cost to members with continued good coverage.

The Constitution and By-Laws, adopted in October, 1999, was amended to conform to the current direction of the Club.  It was approved by the membership in November.

In July, eight cars from the Club joined the Florida Caravan to Nashville and to Bowling Green to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Corvette.  The group, consisting of  the Smiths, Keslers, Ericssons, Uliskys, Wolfs, Sperrys, Callerys, and Harps, reported a myriad of thrills and experiences during the once-in-a-lifetime  trip!

Some of the local events the Club enjoyed were the “Musicfest” at Point West, “Under the Oaks” car show at Riverside Park, a Letterman concert at Riverside Theatre, “Fabulous 50’s” Downtown Friday Night in Vero, a pool party at North County Aquatic Pool and a Vero Beach Dodgers’ game.  Of course, the Christmas party planned by Ro and Dan Bryant was exceptional with good food and entertainment.  (The band was provided by the Bryants).

There were a number of out-of-county and out-of-state events to tempt avid Corvette enthusiasts as well.

In December, Betty Skelton Frankman, prestigious Club member, participated in the dedication of the new wing of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, VA.  In addition to being an avid sports car driver and lover, she piloted her Pitts Special race plane, N22E.  This plane, know as "Little Stinker" now hangs in the Smithsonian.  Betty is the first lady to be inducted in the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame (2001) and established many aviation and automotive records than any other person, bar none.

Our website is No. 1 thanks to our capable Webmaster, Tom Quina.  The club newsletter, found on the website, is written by Newsletter Editor, Dick Kesler, and is informative and interesting.

The Indian River Corvette Club Officers elected for 2004 are:

    President - Robert Callery
    Vice President - Bill Ulisky
    Secretary - Sandy Ericsson
    Treasurer - Amy Harp
     Officer-At-Large - John Dicken
     Activities Directors - Terry & Sue Smith

Compiled by Lucy Kesler
January, 2004


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