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The Second Year - 2001


The slate of officers for 2001 was as follows:

Rob Callery - President & Activities Director

Richard Kesler - Vice President and Newsletter Editor

Sue Kranenburg - Secretary

Denver Sperry - Treasurer

Tom White - Officer-at-Large

On January 8 - 2001 - the following new director positions were listed:

Joe Giambalvo - Director of Information Technology

Dan Bryant - Membership Director

Lou Ericsson - Chairman-Constitution/By Laws

Terry & Sue Smith - Parade Coordinator and Designee (Activity Directors)

At the February 9, 2001 meeting, Richard Kesler was appointed National Council of Corvette Club Governor with Terry Smith as Competition Director.  A “point system”, the basis of awards to be given at the end of the year, was developed by Denver Sperry and approved on March 2, 2001.  The Club signed up for NCCC on May 11, 2001.

In addition to regular dinner/meetings and “Mystery Dinner Runs”, the Club enjoyed an air-boat ride, tours of the Adam’s Ranch, John Schumann’s private car collection, and the Jupiter Lighthouse, and took a trolley ride to several “hot” spots in Vero one evening, etc.

In 2001, 37 enthusiasts were paid-up members in the Indian River Corvette Club.

Compiled by Lucy Kesler, January 6, 2003

Last Modified: Sunday, March 15, 2015