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The First Year - 1999 - 2000


 In the spring of 1999, Terry and Sue Smith obtained a list of nearly 350 registered Corvettes in Indian River County from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  They invited all Corvette owners in the county to a gathering on July 16, 1999 to determine if there was interest in forming a Corvette Club. Approximately 20 cars with 35 drivers and passengers met in Ross’ parking lot (formerly Service Merchandise) on West SR 60.

An estimated 30 enthusiasts met at Pineapple Joe’s on South Rte. 1 on August 31, 1999, for the first organizational meeting.

Officers of the newly formed Indian River Corvette Club for 2000 were as follows:

Tom White - President
Terry Smith - Vice President
Sandy Ericsson - Secretary
Denver Sperry - Treasurer
Lou Ericsson - Board Member
Ed Comersaul - Board Member
Eileen Clemenzi - Board Member
Greg Butcher - Board Member
Joseph Giambalvo - Board Member - (also set up the first website for the club)
Robert Casillis - Activities Director

 The Indian River Corvette Club Constitution and By-Laws were drawn up by Tom White and dated October, 31 1999.  Richard Kesler designed the required club logo.

 On November 19, 1999, it was announced that Janie Dean Chevrolet agreed to be sponsor of the club.  Paradise Petroleum, owned by Dan and Ro Bryant, became the major financial sponsor.  Dan proposed that Indian River Corvette Club be known as “The Friendliest Club in Florida.”  It was agreed to make donations to local charities when recommended and approved by the membership.  Monthly meetings were slated to be held on the second Friday of each month at Ophelia’s Restaurant. 

 The first two events in which the newly formed Indian River Corvette Club participated was a lunch cruise to Sweetwater’s restaurant in Melbourne and the Vero Beach Christmas Parade.

 At the end of 1999, 25 charter members comprised the Indian River Corvette Club.

 Rob Callery was named new Activities Director, and Nan Dunne became the first Club Historian on February 11, 2000.  At that meeting, the club domain name, IRCORVETTE.COM, and registration, paid by Paradise Petroleum, was announced.  Sue Smith replaced Ed Comersall on the Board.  Richard Kesler became the monthly newsletter editor.  Tom and Jan White donated the laminated, clip-on nametags to be given to each member of Indian River Corvette Club.

At the April 14, 2000 meeting, it was announced by the appointed committee that the official club shirts would be yellow or white.

A “Mystery Dinner Run” was initiated on the last Tuesday of each month at the August 11, 2000, meeting.  Other events the Club participated in were Vero’s “Downtown Friday Night” and “Sunset Saturday Night”, Palm Beach Kennel Races, and a tour of Indian River Brewery in Melbourne, etc.

At year’s end, there were 40 members in the Indian River Corvette Club.

Compiled by Lucy Kesler, January 6, 2003

Last Modified: Sunday, March 15, 2015