Mecum car auction/car show Kissimmee 1/6/17 -1/15/17

2017 is  just around the corner, so  let's start the year with a  Big Shout Out!!!

The worlds largest car auction/ car show is coming to Kissimmee, Florida.  

This event is so massive ( over 3,000 cars) it has grown to a 10 day event.

These  are mainly muscle cars, Corvettes and other cars from our past. 

Greg, and I are going for several days (not sure which days yet) and we would like to invite any one who would like to come along to  join us.  Please call me if you have any interest in coming along. 

We make it an inexpensive mini vacation  by doing the following.

If you pre register as a bidder prior to 12/12/16,   The fee is $100.00 for the entire 10 day event, that allows 1 bidder and 1 guest.

In addition, Greg's sister Sherry is coming and she will come in under our bidder pass for an extra $50.00 for the entire event.  All you have to do is put up a credit card with $500.00 for reservation fee (no charges are actually put on your card unless you actually make a purchase at the event.

I have looked at a few condos in the area, I found one 3 bedroom, 2 bath for $130.00 per night.

If you intent to go more than 1 day I would recommend this option. 

If you only want to go for a day, gate entrance is 20.00 per person per day, if purchased in advance.

If you do not purchase in advance it is $30.00 per day per person.

Look forward to seeing all of you.

Save the Wave! 

Beth Butcher
cell (772) 801-1844
Home phone (772) 461-8707  ( after 5:30 0n week days )


Last Modified: Sunday, November 20, 2016.